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Skirting Boards, Architraves, Window Boards, Door Linings and bespoke products. We are proud to be the UK’s leading supplier of quality MDF products.

The W.Howard Group companies include W.Howard Limited and Polyco Limited.Our core MDF range is the largest in the UK. We hold more than 200 profiles and sizes and finishes including white primed MDF, veneered MDF and wrapped MDF. Our customers comprise of merchant and specialist manufacturers. Other companies within the group are:

Eccleston Engineering LLP
R C Perry
Astley MOT

Group Chief Executive

  • W.Howard Group Puts Staff Training at the Top of Agenda

    W.Howard Group Puts Staff Training at the Top of Agenda

    July 18, 2016

    The training and development of staff is a priority for the W.Howard Group and this year it has enjoyed an encouraging and positive response from employees wishing to take up opportunities during 2016.

    As a business that places great emphasis on the wellbeing of its team, The W.Howard Group is delighted with the motivation and enthusiasm its employees have demonstrated in volunteering to take on these development opportunities. To commence a training programme requires commitment and determination, especially if staff have been away from education for even a short length of time. We hope that these first successes will encourage …

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