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Skirting Boards, Architraves, Window Boards, Door Linings and bespoke products. We are proud to be the UK’s leading supplier of quality MDF products.

The W.Howard Group companies include W.Howard Limited and Polyco Limited.Our core MDF range is the largest in the UK. We hold more than 200 profiles and sizes and finishes including white primed MDF, veneered MDF and wrapped MDF. Our customers comprise of merchant and specialist manufacturers. Other companies within the group are:

Eccleston Engineering LLP
R C Perry
Astley MOT

Group Chief Executive

  • Offsite Construction and Site Ready Materials

    Offsite Construction and Site Ready Materials

    May 24, 2016

     This year has seen several big names in construction demonstrating a commitment to the modular build market including Legal and General’s plans to create the world’s largest modular housing factory in Yorkshire and developer Urban Splash’s roll out of its HoUSe residential concept in Manchester, Salford and North Shields.

    We are seeing that more and more investment is being into this innovative market with developers citing reasons such as sustainability, minimal risk and cost as well as recent advances in technology and materials. Modular builds are also fast becoming popular in the commercial arena for developers wanting a tighter control …

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